Genius Hour Reflection #2

In my second genius I did it one the best player in the NBA past to present. I chose the two best player in the past of the NBA (Bill Russel and Micheal Jordan) and the two best players in the NBA today (Stephen Curry and Lebron James). I chose this genius hour topic because last genius hour I did a more serious topic but that did not interest many people. This time I thought about the sports I play and I decided to do a NBA player comparison due to the fact that I thought it would interest my audience a lot more and to me it seems like it did. Surprisingly from all that I research and know about the NBA, I learn an entirely new player who was Bill Russel because I had no idea who he was until Hans mentioned that he thought he was the most achieved player in NBA history. The way the experience of that helped as a person is that it mad to realize to listen to your peers because two minds are better than one. If Hans had never told me that then I would have had my mind already set on a past player like Magic or Shaq but with further research I realized he was right all along.

This Genius hour I did a couple different things compare to my first one. To begin with, I added a lot more pictures and added a bit more words than usual though I was not supposed to go that because it is not a good presentation skill. My genius hour honestly did not help much in the world but it helped myself know more about a sport that I enjoy playing and, helped the community I lived in here at ISD because most of the school and my classmates follow the NBA.

If you wanna see my presentation: Click here


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Media’s Impact and Influnece

Media has had a great impact on the world over the past years. Though many people do not know it, we use media everyday in ours lives. Media is the collective communication outlets or tools that are used to store and deliver information or data.

To begin with, when it comes to culture, that is what media is typically defined by. With the different types of culture comes different types of media. For example, if you are living in Niger, the type of media that will come out there is not the same as the media that would come out in Denmark. In addition, media has begun to influence people to do the wrong things like to do drugs and the way the media conveys this is by putting it in music.

Secondly, when it comes to gender, Gender roles, as an example, exist solely because society as a whole chooses to accept them, but they are perpetuated by the media. As one dramatic example, the image and representation of women and girls in the media has long been a subject of concern. Research shows that there are many fewer females than males in almost all forms of mainstream media and those who do appear are often portrayed in very stereotypical ways.

Next, economy has had a immense impact on media in maybe different sites of social media. For example Cristiano Rolando gets paid about 328,800 dollars to post just one tweet. Hundreds of millions of people across the world use social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. If any technology promised to shatter the constraint of geography, overcome distance, and flatten the world, social media would be it.

Lastly, when it comes to me media indeed it has had a huge impact on my life because its has become a routine in my everyday life. Either if it is the fact that I use TV, watch movies, play video games, listen to music, or use my iPhone, these are all various kinds social medias that I use all the time.

We should not let media be the ones to control us though we should be the ones to control media and use it for the good by influencing the next generation to do better things.

The Gunners

There is no doubt that Arsenal is one of the greatest football clubs of all time. From their history to their present, Arsenal continues to shock the world.

Arsenal’s history began when the club was founded in Woolwich, United Kingdom 1886. In 1913, they made their first move to North London then in 1931 they clinch their first ever English League title. Years later in 1971, Arsenal wins both the Barclays and FA Cup for the first time in the same season which is a outstanding achievement. Adding on, Arsenal had won a sensual amount of trophies in the 20th century:

  • 11 Barclays Premiere League Cups
  • 7 FA Cups
  • 2 League Cups
  • 10 Community Shields
  • 1 UEFA Cup

Moving on to Arsenal in the 21st century, although they’re not as much as a successful team as there were in the 20th century, still one of the bet times in the world.

On Sep 29, 2004 Arsenal did the impossible by going undefeated throughout and entire season of 38 games ending in the result of winning the Barclays Premiere League. Two years later, Arsenal hit another milestone by Fly Emirates becoming their new sponsor.  In addition, Emirates built Arsenal an entirely new stadium named the Emirates stadium. Currently Arsenal is at the top of the league with 42 points and hoping they will win the Cup this year, making it there 14th. So far here are all the major trophies they have won this century:

  • 2  Barclays Premiere League Cups
  • 5 FA Cups
  • 4 Community Shields

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Past to Present

My genius hour project talks about the best NBA basketball players from past to present. Therefore I decided to follow some professors and experts in the field of not only physical education but more specifically basketball. Though, one fault of this whole situation is the fact that many people that are associated with the NBA, are people on twitter with a lot of followers. So these were the 10 people that I ended up following:

  • @OllieHolt22
  • @SportHistorian
  • @McCannSportsLaw
  • @AdamSchefter
  • @DraftExpress
  • @RealSkipBayless
  • @Chris_Broussard
  • @JayBilas
  • @JoeBuscaglia
  • @SportsWriterGuy

If you want to know more about who they are individually check them out here.

These people relate to my genius hour project because every single one of them either are NBA reporter, basketball historians, or have some sort of minor job in the NBA and that is what my project is about. When I reached out to the the majority of my questions were: how does it feel to work in the NBA? and what is your favorite part about it? If they were to have replied, then I would have asked in their option who are the top 3 best NBA basketball player in the past and in the present. And since they have had an actual perspective on them, they are more reliable then the people of generation.

Sadly, I have not gotten any answers from any of them so far. Personally I think that the reason it due to the fact that most of the people in my list had quite a few followers and looked like busy people. Therefore, non of them followed me back, nor asked for more assistance, so I was not able to obtain a conversation with them.

Although I did not get any responses from any of the people on my lists, I do think that I would use the strategy to help me with future project because it’s a great way to interact with people and expand your language.

A Greek’s Favorite Food

Greek Food is a lot different from all ideal food that people think about. Greek cultural is very distinct though nevertheless is still amazing. This are some of there main traditional dishes:

Baklava is the most famous Greek pastry. It is created from layers of flaky phyllo dough (available in dozens of different varieties, from butter glazed to sprinkled with nuts). Ground walnuts, pistachios or pecans are mixed with lots of honey or sugar syrup. The phyllo is built up in layers, with rivers of crushed nuts and honey oozing out the sides.

Moussaka is a famous Greek casserole with layers of vegetables, a meat sauce and custard. Eggplant and zucchini are popular choices for the vegetables, layered with garlic and meat sauce, spices and sometimes nuts, and then topped with custard.

Souvlaki, also called gyros, is famous all over the world. These come in a wide variety of styles and shapes, with lots of different ingredients. A pita is filled with beef, lamb or pork (sometimes chicken). Tomato, lettuce, red onions, olives, sprouts and other vegetables are placed on top of the meat. A tzatziki sauce (made with yogurt, cucumber and garlic) is drizzled over the souvlaki to top it off.

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Always Remembered

April 22 2008 was one of the saddest days of my life. The biggest reason why I remember is because its the same day and my father’s birthday. She was my grandmother. Not biologically. When my parents were living in Maryland, USA before my siblings and I were born, my mother helped out at a senior center. Bill and Fern. Those are the name of my “Grandpa and Grandma.” They were there the day my sister, my brother, and I were born. They were one of the biggest parts of my life. I would always call them my grandparents and I loved them so much. We would visit them everyday and I remember one day we went over and grandma gave me a present. It was a fish (stuffed animal). Until this day I have it and sleep with it because its the last memory I have of her apart from pictures. I love you grandma. Rest in peace. Grandpa Bill And Grandma Fern

Genius Hour Presentation Reflection

For my Genius Hour Presentation I did mine on intersexuals and who they are. When I started the project I was pretty interested on finding out who they are and them compared to everyone else. I learned a lot when it came to learning about them. I learn about the physically pros and cons that occur to them. Well if it came to the learning I think I deserve around an A- because my information was accurate and there but when it comes to the presentation around a B because I could have delivered it much better than the way I did. What I shared to the class help the community to understand who they are and to show people that they are just like us and there is nothing different compared to us. They just a little different like we all are. No one is the same. Not even identical twins. For my next Genius Hour project I think that what I will do it research something that more people are familiar with and something that is more interesting to everyone. I think that for my next project I will research either about the history of the NBA, vacation in Dubai, or anything having to do with soccer.

If you want to look at my presentation click here

How to be Successful at School


School is the key to life. If you focus at school and give your best effort you will have a high chance in having a great future. But the real question is, what is the best way to do well at school? There are many ways to be able to do well at school either its time management or its studying more and more, but one of the best ways to be successful is organization. And to begin with you will need an organized desk:

  • When you get home look at your desk, and start with a clean slate (take everything off)
  • Next, organize all your paper and put them in a pile depending on the class
  • If your desk has drawers put all your papers in there so that when you need them you take them out.
  • Create a checklist
  • Tic everything off as you go
  • Get a timer if you have a lot of work to do to balance the time you are spending
  • When you are finished pack your bag AT NIGHT so that tomorrow you have no worries and are up and ready to go.

Now remember there are so many other ways to keep yourself organized not by only fixing your desk. Click here to explore the other ways.

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I would have to say that an important event that occurred to me during the past year was winning volleyball middle school Waisal in Ouagadougou. Volleyball is my favorite sport along with soccer and this had an impact on my life because it was great and emotional experience. In the beginning of the year there was soccer Waisal here at ISD and we sadly lost to our rival school LCS. When it came to volleyball most of the soccer players were on the volleyball team and we ended up being in the final with LCS again expect this time we are the ones that came out with the victory.  I guess to say that our first lost had an impact on all of us and helped us thrive for a victory.